• Be ready to be you.

    Be ready to be you.

    Is our highest potential really living in fear, stress and suffering?
    Discover your inner Effortless Entrepreneur through inspiration based on Quantum Physics combined with The Practice of Meditation.
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  • Effortless Workshop

    Effortless Workshop

    Discover what you are made of and learn to create what you desire. Experience the Essence of Energy through the understanding the Theory and The Practice.
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  • Be. Inspired

    Be. Inspired

    The Essence of Heart is a small e-book about the Heart, created from the Heart and to the Heart.

    “Feel the Essence behind the Word and then truly Live.”

    Freja Founder, Effortlez
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Discover. You.

Get more information about what we create, how we do it and what impact it could bring you.

Discover you

Become. You.

Understand the background of Effortlez, being a result of a personal journey of self-discovery.

Become you

Inspire. You.

Receive inspiration for self-reflection to touch your core essence through our free e-book, stories and gallery.

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  • I think most people have zero information about this system. The workshop was very insightful, enlightening and most of all, it is a starting point for me, towards self-realization. You should do a world tour!


    Nairobi Garage, Kenya

  • Today’s session was an eye-opener. I have never meditated before. Today I was able to connect with my inner self. I like the way you encouraged us during the session. You’re a good teacher. Thanks.


    Nairobi, Kenya

  • I have enjoyed the session, it is a real eye-opener, mostly because this is, I believe, the first step into the journey of self-discovery. I wish you could give more sessions.


    Nairobi, Kenya

  • I have never felt that close to myself before! Thank you very much for helping me start discovery myself and get to understand that all I need is within me and I can live my life the fullest. God, bless you.


    Nairobi, Kenya

  • Thanks, a lot for your efforts to enlighten my path, seems as though I was not steering correctly my future which is to be determined by everything I do right now... more


    The Innovation Village Kampala, Uganda


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  • Kampala, Lira, Mbale UGANDA

  • Nairobi KENYA

  • Bangalore, Auroville INDIA

  • Copenhagen DENMARK

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