Discover your inner creator and express your deepest desires through weekly individual coaching as an entrepreneur.

What you get

  • Get weekly skype coaching session
  • Get the support in building your business/work life in the alignment of your core-self.


Develop a foundation of self-awareness within smaller entrepreneurial environments as a co-working space or business incubation.

What you get

  • Implement self-awareness in your community of entrepreneurs.
  • Grow together through a changed working environment and culture.


Book a workshop or a lecture to gain knowledge and inspiration to be an effortless entrepreneur. Practice through 3-8 hour workshops.

What you get

  • Get introduced to the methods
  • 3-8 hours workshop.



The practise of energy is a combination of different elements highly connected to the theory of energy from quantum physics which are designed to create an increasing self-awareness.

The Theory of Energy

  • Definition of Energy and Consciousness
  • The Physical Body
  • The Heart-Brain Connection
  • Vibrational Communication
  • Belief System and Reprograming

The Practice of Energy

  • Meditation
  • Affirmation
  • Visualization
  • Attraction
  • Tapping

Models of Creation


Pyramid of Being

The Pyramid of Being

Most people on Earth are living in the lower areas in the pyramid. Living basically with the main focus in the lower sections of the pyramid can be challenge and it might seem impossible to find the time to really discover who you are deep within. If you find the courage and get the understanding of the top of the pyramid. It will affect the whole pyramid from the top and down. It will change your life.

The energetic system

The Energetic System

Everything is energy. All we contain is different frequencies of vibrations and so does the external world. When you gain the understanding of the energic system you will start to understand the results of your interactions and your inner state of being.

The way of living

The Way of Living

To get the understanding of what we really are capable of we need to understand the difference. Most people are living with the belief that things just happen which can be beneficial or disadvantageous as it creates an inner reaction independent of the individual belief system.

To get the real understanding of our potential we need to let go and start paying attention. What we are is what we create. And our external world is just a container of the manifestation. An honest reflection of yourself.

Awareness Cycle

The Awareness Cycle

The practice is all about being curious and patient. You need to prioritize self-awareness in your life to create the shift of consciousness. The method can help you increase the awareness through this simple system to accelerate the process to effortless living.



It was great. I learnt a lot about meditation that I didn’t know before. It helped me open up and see the inside of me, especially the mirror meditation looking into my eye. I learnt just to be I Am. It has helped me imagine who I want to be. I have learnt that the heart is more powerful than the mind. Thanks.


Nairobi Garage, Kenya


Freja, the workshop was amazing. There is so much out there, so much beauty to be discovered. You have actually assisted with the thought process of how to begin and it was definitely wonderful. Thank you for the good job. Keep spreading. Wishing you best.


Nairobi, Kenya


I think most people have zero information about this system. The workshop was very insightful, enlightening and most of all, it is a starting point for me, towards self-realization. You should do a world tour!


Nairobi Garage, Kenya


I have enjoyed the session, it is a real eye-opener, mostly because this is, I believe, the first step into the journey of self-discovery. I wish you could give more sessions.


Nairobi, Kenya


I have never felt that close to myself before! Thank you very much for helping me start discovery myself and get to understand that all I need is within me and I can live my life the fullest. God, bless you.


Nairobi, Kenya


Today’s session was an eye-opener. I have never meditated before. Today I was able to connect with my inner self. I like the way you encouraged us during the session. You’re a good teacher. Thanks.


Nairobi, Kenya


Great meditation. I would encourage anyone to try it out to discover your inner self and to know the real purpose of life and what positive vibrations can contribute to your whole experience of life.


Nairobi Garage, Kenya


Thanks a lot for your efforts to enlighten my path, seems as though I was not steering correctly my future which is to be determined by everything I do right now, as a drop of stone in one side of the ocean can cause a massive tsunami on the other side of the ocean, when I pulled that rubber band and felt how hard it was, I soon realized how we humans can easily be stressed and not free at all and yet we can be better than that. I hope other people realize this too and find ways of self-discovery and multiple abilities that they can apply to make their lives much better.


The Innovation Village Kampala, Uganda

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