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Effortlez is a coach-consultancy firm which is combining Quantum Physics with the Practice of Meditation to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial environment with implementing self-awareness into the business development and the daily working flow to relief the high levels of stress.

Our vision is to create a new approach in business development which decrease stress and fear in being entrepreneur and increase the amount of international businesses that are created through a deeper alignment and higher awareness within the individual entrepreneur.

Our mission is to implement methods in Quantum Physics combined with the Practice of Meditation into the life of entrepreneurs and within entrepreneurial environments.

Effortlez is a result of a personal journey. As an eight year-old, Freja Gro, had her earliest life reflections in the middle of a family crises which created a deep desire to discovering true happiness. The age of fourteen she experiences the first real depression and she got the first introduction to meditation. Through the years, she dealt with diverse life challenges as depressions, sugar addiction, accidents, stress and death anxiety. As a child, growing up in a scientific family, she developed a deep interest in science, biology, physiology, anatomy, astrology and psychology, which first much later made sense to develop that understanding.

"Keep your heart and eyes open. Every step is a foundation of opportunities, even when the road is muddy." FrejaFounder, Effortlez

September 2016 in Uganda, she hit her head into a television and was sick with concussion for three months sick. After realizing years of suffering through years not being true to herself. Enough was enough. Freja was tired and done with that lifestyle. Shortly after she finally saw the bigger picture of the journey and discovered her life purpose what truly made sense.

Next following months I understood how the theory and practice could be combined and how it could create and have a huge impact in entrepreneurial environments worldwide. After that realization, there was no time to waste and suddenly Effortlez was born.

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Kampala, Lira, Mbale UGANDA

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  • Kampala, Lira, Mbale UGANDA

  • Nairobi KENYA

  • Bangalore, Auroville INDIA

  • Copenhagen DENMARK

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